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Hi! :) As of april 30th 2014, I've decided to quit SL. My RL has become amazing and I just don't need SL in my life anymore. I'm thinking of starting a RL fashion blog in the future, if I do, I hope you will stop by from time to time. :) Huge thanks to every sponsor I had pleasure working with in SL. <3. Emery 4ever!!! Lol...felt the need to shout this out as I'm still the biggest Emery fan and it's the only thing I miss from SL.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dandelions lost in the summer sky

Good day fellow SL-ers. :)

 Don't you have enough of this winter already? I miss the sun, warmth, going to the beach and long, bright days. Specially now, since I'm stuck at 9th floor from 8:30am-5:15pm mon-fri. I'm a nanny...for until I find a "real" job that will make me happy. The lil guy that I take care of is only 15 months old and lives on the 9th floor. Of course we go for walks, but then we come back and it's just us, a bunch of toys and the TV.
This is why I just can't wait for the spring/summer to come as I will be able to spend entire days outside and just enjoy life...I'm not saying that I don't enjoy it now, but it's kinda hmmm "suspended".
Anyway, enough of the feeling blue talk.

 Few days ago I saw an add for the newest Slink High Feet shoes from CandyDoll and I HAD to get them right away or I wouldn't be myself. Thing is...I was totally broke and suffering BIG time cause of it. I gamble...every damn day, one minute I can have tons of lindens, then I'm broke within 10 mins. It's my only addiction...other than SL shopping that is.
 Soo...as I was suffering, I decided to text my Superman and ask him to come fly by my house and drop me off some lindens for the shoes...He got online within a few minutes and said:
[09:24] Krypto Dragoone: have you thought about shopaholics annonymous. 

Guilty as charged...I do have a problem. But then again, point me a woman who doesnt go crazy about shoes. Impossible, right?

Ok now..I didn't do any close ups of the shoes, but I'm going to add the original vendor picture of it at the end of this post...so if you didn't see those yet, prepare for lots of OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!! coming out of your mouth and for your heart skipping a few beats.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Lisa Mesh Hair - Browns Pack (@ Fameshed)

Skin: Glam Affair - Sylvia  America - Base (and lots of Sylvia add ons, all available separately @ Collabor88 NEW!)

Lashes: Glam Affair - Starlett Lashes Black RARE (NEW! @ L'accessories gacha)

Piercing: - .HoD. - Otherside Piercing Set
Jacket: The Secret Store - Aerolite Jacket - Beige (NEW! @ Collabor88)

Watch: -FAUN- Lightning Flashwatch -Retro-

Jeans: * KITJA CHERIE * Leather Jeans Light Blue (New-ish)

Shoes: _CandyDoll_ Newell Heels Brown (NEW! Slink add ons...but they also come with JD My feet version).

Please excuse the lack of LM's this time, it's late and I'm trying to finish this asap so I can go sleep. I will update when I come back from work tomorrow.

The beautiful and "rawr" like Sylvia from Glam Affair...just amazing. Pure perfection. <3 p="">

And last but not least...the original CandyDoll new shoe release pic (cropped a bit as it was taken with gyazo)
Take a deep breath people cause here it comes......

As Wyclef and Mary J. Blige sang: Someone please call 911!

That is all...for now.

PS. Almost forgot....stay awesome and be good to each other! 

PS.2. Bring on spring!

PS.3. Still reading this? lol

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