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Hi! :) As of april 30th 2014, I've decided to quit SL. My RL has become amazing and I just don't need SL in my life anymore. I'm thinking of starting a RL fashion blog in the future, if I do, I hope you will stop by from time to time. :) Huge thanks to every sponsor I had pleasure working with in SL. <3. Emery 4ever!!! Lol...felt the need to shout this out as I'm still the biggest Emery fan and it's the only thing I miss from SL.

Monday, September 2, 2013

0.o Where are my goggles?

Hi peeps! :)

 The title of today's post was born when I finished editing the picture and facepalmed myself...how the heck did I lose the pink goggles from RO!??!! I had them on when I was posing! WTF? lol...then I realised they musta came off when I changed hair. Arrrgggh!!! They were spose to be the "star" of the picture! :( lol. Anyway...all credits are listed below.
Enjoy. :)

Hat: 2:00 PM. m.m Snapback Gacha SOHO *RARE* <Ziyongchy mouse> (NEW! @ Soho Market) LM
Hair: Exile::Just a Reason: 10. Wildcards (NEW! @ The Arcade) LM
Snowboard: RO - Snowboard - SUGOI (NEW! @ The Arcade)
Coat: AITUI CLOTHING FACTORY - Night Walker - Grey (NEW! @ Fameshed) LM
Bracelet: ASO! National Flag Bracelet (Poland) silver (NEW! @ The Arcade)
Pants: *chronokit* Cropped Sarrouel Pants Pink (NEW!) LM
Boots: RO - Ski Boots - RARE (NEW! @ The Arcade)

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